Genuine Bedside Manor
Delivering Geriatric Dental Care for 25 Years!
Services we offer:

Fabrication of Full and Partial Dentures
Same Day Relines and Repairs
Routine Dental Care
Gentle Cleanings
Recement Crowns and Bridges
Dental Emergencies
Transportation if necessary





    We Visit:

    Nursing Homes Private Homes Hospitals
    Assisted Living Homes
    Extended Care Facilities & Rehabilitation Centers

    There is no reason for you to wait until you get better in order to travel to the dentist because our dentists come to you. We provide the necessary dental services at your bedside…in your residence, nursing home, or hospital room. We provide the services you need where you may be, and we come back for whatever follow up care that may be needed.

    We will fabricate whatever you need so that you can have a good meal, feel better about yourself and so you are able to start smiling again. At Visiting Dental Services we make getting high-quality dental care easier for YOU…and no distance is too far to bring you the dental services you need. Please call upon us for any of you dental needs we would be glad to help and give you back your smile.