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Without Leaving Your Home or Residence...

Our visiting dentists provide the same care that you would receive at your dentist’s office for nearly the same cost. We always offer convenient appointments and all options are presented to both the patients and their families.


With state-of-the-art equipment designed for safety and comfort, Visiting Dental Services of Long Island is even equipped to provide treatment to wheelchair-bound and bedridden patients.

More than 25 years of experience

Visiting Dental has been bringing dental care to the residents of Queens and Long Island, NY for over 25 years 

Providing excellent dental care at your Residence

Meet with our compassionate visiting dentists who have experience caring for all types of patients, including special needs patients, individuals with disabilities, patients with Dementia, seniors and home bound patients. Our visiting dentists are specially trained to provide Alzheimer’s and Dementia dental care!

high performance in Dentistry

Our goal is to make your dental care convenient, affordable, and comfortable so that you can achieve the beautiful smile you have always wanted from the comfort of your place of residence. 

High-quality dental care

There is no reason for you to wait until you get better in order to travel to the dentist because our dentists come to you. We provide the necessary dental services at your bedside…in your residence, nursing home, or hospital room. We provide the services you need where you may be, and we come back for whatever follow up care that may be needed.

We will fabricate whatever you need so that you can have a good meal, feel better about yourself and so you are able to start smiling again. At Visiting Dental Services we make getting high-quality dental care easier for YOU…and no distance is too far to bring you the dental services you need. Please call upon us for any of you dental needs we would be glad to help and give you back your smile.

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My wife was taken to the hospital and they lost her dentures. The dentures were lost during the move after surgery. I didn’t know where to go and my wife wasn’t able to eat. I contacted Visiting Dental Services and they came within the same day and took impressions on my wife and made her a new set of teeth. The new teeth look better then the old ones.  Give them a call they are such a great group of doctors and assistants that the services were done so fast and it fits so well and they are almost happy that they lost them.

John T



Our mission

Visiting Dental provides state-of-the art dental services to your place of residence 

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Visiting Dental participates in Care Credit and other financial support organizations that offer  interest-free financing options.