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Visiting Dental Services
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When my father was moved to a nursing home because he needed full time home  care his denture was lost in the process.  Because of his inability to walk I was unable to bring him into a traditional dental office.  Visiting Dental Services came directly to the nursing home and fitted my father a brand new denture.  The doctor and his assistant came fully prepared with all of the necessary equipment  and supplies and the denture was made quickly and efficiently.  My father feels that this denture fits better than the one we lost.  It was incredibly convenient to have Dr. Weinstein come treat my father at the nursing home and I would use him again for any future dental work my dad may need.
Krista D

Due to my need for a walker I am unable to get in and out of the car easily and driving has become a challenge.  Visiting Dental Services came directly to my home and treated me there.  The doctor was patient and  and explained to me the process of how my new denture would be made and I was impressed with how fast I got it back.  I am very pleased with my new smile and happy that it was such a painless experience in the comfort of my own home.
Amanda W

My wife was taken to the hospital and they lost her dentures. The dentures were lost during the move after surgery. I didn’t know where to go and my wife wasn’t able to eat. I contacted Visiting Dental Services and they came within the same day and took impressions on my wife and made her a new set of teeth. The new teeth look better then the old ones.  Give them a call they are such a great group of doctors and assistants that the services were done so fast and it fits so well and they are almost happy that they lost them.
John T

My father in law is home and bedridden and unable to leave the house. He had a bad toothache no one else could see him and we couldn’t get him out of the house to go to the dentist. I contacted Visiting Dental services and they came to the house and reviewed all the medical history with me and the doctor was able to remove the tooth right in the house and my dad feels so much better. Give them a call they will make everything easy for you and they should have thought of this service sooner because my dad was suffering for weeks.
Krista D