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Visiting Dentists: Long-Term Care Facility and Nursing Home Treatment

Visiting Dentists Care For Your Loved Ones With Special Needs

Do you have a family member with special needs? Perhaps you have a loved one who is disabled, in a long-term care facility or nursing home and unable to comfortably travel to a dentist office in order to get the care that they need.

Injury or illness can make it virtually impossible for a person to visit their dentist in person, which is why the option to have the dentist come and visit them at wherever they are is quickly gaining popularity.

While not all dentists provide this type of service, the dentists at Visiting Dental Care of Long Island. Our dentists do are extensively trained so that they can provide the bedside manner and service that special needs individuals require.

Many older individuals are not able to travel, which is why the fact that our dentists are willing to visit them at their home or at a long-term care facility where they live is such a great option to have available. A dentist who is willing to travel to his or her patients, and who has specialized training in geriatric dentistry, can make dental care a lot more comfortable for older members of the family.

We understand how to best provide care to those individuals who are suffering from dementia or Alzheimer's, and because of this the oral hygiene process will run much more smoothly for all involved.

When it comes to things like same-day denture repairs, our traveling dentists are able to provide turnaround times that are every bit as fast as a full-service dental office.

What is really surprising is the level of care and service that the dentists of  Visiting Dental Care of Long Island provide. We do much more than simply provide examinations or basic dental care. In fact, we provide all-inclusive care that never requires an individual to leave their home when it comes to their dental health.

In those rare instances where it is necessary for you or your loved one to visit our dental office, we can arrange gentle transportation so that the procedure can be done comfortably and quickly, even if a person is wheelchair-bound or bedridden.

While it is easy to understand how beneficial this type of service is to older individuals, even younger adults and children can take advantage of the service and care provided by visiting dentists.

There simply is no reason for your loved ones who have disabilities to give up on the idea of regular dental care or emergency dental services just because they are unable to leave their nursing home or long term care facility. What is truly surprising is how affordable this level of service is, especially when compared to the average cost of dental care in an office.